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What do you think of May-December romances? I am 56 and she is 23.

Dear Paul,
Due to the large age gap, May-December romances can cause people in a society to raise their eyebrows at the relationship. The most important thing to remember is how do you feel about the relationship? There are pros and cons to this type of relationship but it really boils down to the two people involved.  What are the maturity levels of each partner?  What is the level of compatibility?  Do you both have shared life goals with marriage, children, career, lifestyle, etc.? Is it just lust and a good time or

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I feel that my fiancé is getting to comfortable in our relationship and starting to take me for granted, how do I show him it is not ok?

Dear Betty,
First, I would start by communicating with him instead of showing him. Most men will get "comfortable" in the relationship. The man still cares and loves the woman, however, he now feels he has her and can "relax."  Many men make this mistake and it often causes a breakdown in the relationship because the woman ends up feeling taken for granted, not desired, and not cherished. Share with your fiancé how important it is for you

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How can I help my boyfriend, who is a recovering heroin addict and now is in detox for alcohol and Xanax, when he gets out?

Dear Spanky,
I understand you concern and desire to help your boyfriend in anyway you can. I first want to direct you to a recent article I wrote on this topic that was published in The Huffington Post.  Just "Click Here" to visit the article.
Secondly, the best course of action you can take is to become as educated as you can on the addiction process.  Through this you will come to understand that you can never fix or change your addicted loved one for only they can do this for themselves.  However,

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