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I love my husband, but he drives me crazy-how do I get past that? “Ss16978”

Dear Ss16978:


The fact that you started your sentence off with, “I love my husband” is great.  It tells me that there is a solid foundation to work with.  You see when we love, we are able to look past all the unhealed parts of someone and look at who they truly are; a magnificent and wondrous creation.  Now to get to how you get past him driving you crazy…it’s simple! You stop looking at him and you turn your focus inwardly at yourself

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I feel overwhelmed with my job, the kids and my marriage what do I do? “Marriedman”

Dear Marriedman:

You are not alone! One of the number one complaints I hear today is that we are all feeling overwhelmed.  This complaint applies equally to both men and women alike.  We are certainly no longer in the “Leave it to Beaver” era anymore! Technology, the break-down of the family and community, the cost of living and intense financial conditions along with the frantic pace packaged and sold to us as “normal” are all contributors to this complaint.


The answer? It’s simple!  Stop.

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