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How can I bring the spark back in my relationship?

Dear Maria,
Losing the spark or passion in a relationship is a very common issue many couples face. The first step is to communicate with your partner your desire to reignite the passion. Often, just by sharing with your partner your desire to do so will get the passion started. The second step is to look for little ways to incorporate the passion back into your everyday life together. For example, put a little sticky note that says something like, "You are so hot" or " I can't wait to be in your arms" in a place he will find it when he least expects it. Another idea

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I have a hard time trusting people especially my boyfriend-he got drunk and cheated on me a year ago. He has done everything he can to make up for it but I can't stop focusing on it. How do I get past this?

Dear Regina,
Most people with trust issues will continually attract partners or situations that will play out that trust issue. For example, a woman who was raised by a father who openly cheated on her mother will pick men who cheat on her. The answer to how you can get past this is to start with discovering where your trust issue began. From there you move into healing the issue.

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