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I tested my boyfriend and now he will not talk with me…help!

Dear Tatiana,
Being in an emotionally and physically mature relationship there is never a time when it is appropriate to "test" our partner.  The act of testing our partner is a personal red flag.  This usually means that we have trust or intimacy issues that we are bringing into the relationship.  These types of issues will not be resolved by testing our partner. In fact,

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. . . but now that we are not together I feel like I still love him. Should I go back into a relationship with him or am I just feeling that way because the relationship is over? Tasisa

Dear Tasisa,

It is human nature to "romanticize" a relationship when it is over. Often, we will only remember the good parts and forget what actually got us to the end of the relationship. In your case, I would suggest getting really honest with yourself and becoming clear on what kind of relationship you would like to have and then decide if this kind of relationship is possible with your former boyfriend.  You mentioned not being able to communicate with him. 

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