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I have reconnected with my ex during our summer break from college. We are having sex daily but he hasn’t talked about getting back together, are things going to work with us?

Dear Sarah,
I do not have all the answers but I do know this…if a guy wants you and wants to be in a serious monogamous relationship with you, he will make that very clear to you.  Sex for a woman and a man can often mean very different things. It sounds as if you want things to work with your ex, so I would suggest you ask important questions and really listen to his answers. Be open to hearing what he is actually saying and not what you hope or want him to say.

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If a friendship relationship is lied about and kept secret, what are the chances that the relationship was more then friends?

Dear Amy,

Just from the information in your question, I would answer with a definite yes there was probably more going on than just a friendship.  However, there could be additional reasons or circumstances that would prove otherwise. I would make sure you have all of the relevant information before making a final judgment. The best advice in this type of situation is

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How can I get my girlfriend back who broke up with me because she says I criticize and argue with her a lot? What can I do other than change the behavior?

Dear Bob,
Even though it may not feel like it, you are at a great place right now! You see, you have the opportunity to make permanent changes that will positively affect your relationship and life. If your girlfriend broke up with you for "criticizing her and arguing with her" there are reasons these behaviors occur.  The first step is to begin with looking within yourself.  Often times, these types of behaviors are the result of unresolved anger, pain, and resentments.  Commonly these types of feelings initiate in childhood. Your job is to figure out where these feelings are coming from and then

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I am in a long distance relationship and he is always busy. I feel we don't spend enough time together, am I overreacting?

Dear Torngirl,

Your feelings are your feelings and are valid. If you are feeling as if you want to have more time together in the relationship then that is what is right for you. Therefore, the answer is no you are not over reacting. The real question, in your long distance relationship, turns into is it feasible or realistic to spend more time together. If it is, and your boyfriend chooses not do to this, this becomes a problem for the relationship, which needs to be addressed immediately.

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