Reaching Out To God





When you are interested in forming a relationship with someone, what do you do?

I am assuming you pursue them in some form, right?
This pursuit is the same for your relationship with God.
You must pursue Him in order to initiate, build, and grow your relationship.
You may be asking yourself, “How do I pursue God?”
Great question!
Just as in a human-to-human relationship, you spend time with Him, get to know Him,
and build intimacy with Him.
Let’s start with spending time in your relationship with God.
This can seem almost impossible since God is Spirit and we are currently in human form.
However, be not afraid because you are a spiritual being who just happens to be having a
human experience. Therefore, when you get quiet and go within, you can connect spiritually
with God. This quiet time with God allows you to hear, sense, or feel God’s Spirit
communicating with you.
Now let’s move on to getting to know God. The very best place to start is to study scripture.
If you have never read the Bible or are a skeptic of the Bible this may sound very
daunting. However, to “study” the Bible is very different than just reading it.
If you are really serious about building your relationship with God; get yourself a good “study” Bible.
It will teach you the historical context, translations of ancient words, and the author’s intent in writing the scriptures.
Then find yourself a community of others who have a strong faith in
God to connect with and grow your relationship with God. Finally, ask God to reveal Himself to you. Ask to see, hear, feel,
and know Him and He will provide that for you.
The third piece is to build your intimacy with God. Again, since you are currently in human form it may sound impossible to
do this. Yet, all it takes is an open and willing heart to have this intimacy with God. Simply, open your heart and mind and
start talking, sharing, and being vulnerable with God. He will listen, answer and hold you every step of the way.

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