Relationship Help Advice For Men: How To Get Your Wife To Have More Sex With You!

Advice For Men From Relationship Expert Bree

Relationship Help Tips To Get Your Wife To Have More Sex With You!

The number one relationship help question I am asked by married men is, “How do I get my wife to have more sex with me?”

This question can appear as if the man is only interested in sex. Although he is interested in sex, the question goes deeper that that. He is actually looking for a simple answer to why he is being rejected by his wife. Shockingly many wives regularly reject their husbands when approached for sex. This behavior is very damaging for their relationship and must be addressed as soon as possible!

Relationship Help Advice For Men: Your Wife & Sex #1:

Understanding the differences between how men and women approach sex is crucial in getting your wife to have more sex with you!

Men typically approach sex with a “head on” mentality. Women on the other hand, need to be eased into it. If a woman feels rushed or ambushed for sex from her husband she will automatically have a knee jerk reaction and reject him. Most of the time she has no idea how hurtful and damaging this is to her husband.

Relationship Help Advice For Men: Your Wife & Sex #2:

Once a man has the complete picture on how his wife wants to be approached for sex, he needs to understand the next step in the process. This step is emotionally connecting with you wife. “What does that mean?” is most mens reaction to that step! This is because men are not raised nor taught how to emotionally connect with others. Ironically, women are not just taught this but trained in it from the time they are little girls!

Relationship Help Advice For Men: Your Wife & Sex #3:

In order to emotionally connect with your wife you must tune into how she is feeling on many levels. This means that you talk with her about her feelings about her day, her work, the kids, her dreams, her fears etc. This is about helping her feel close to you emotionally. Once she does, she will be much more open to being close to you physically.

Relationship Help Advice For Men: Your Wife & Sex #4:

Assuming a man has taken the first three steps to heart and applied them it is time to move on to what I like to call the “fluids” step.  This is preparing your wife’s body to desire to have sex with you. The worst thing you can do is to grab at her breast, bottom, and vagina and say something like “Come on honey lets have sex.”

The best thing you can do is to get her fluids flowing. You can do this by sensually caressing and kissing her arm, neck, or legs without the imitate intention of intercourse. You must allow her body time to catch up with you. Just as you would not drive a sports car without gas in the tank, you do not want to “driver” your wife without her body’s sexual fluids flowing! Take your time and pay lots of attention to her whole body not just it’s parts!

Relationship Help Advice For Men: Your Wife & Sex #6:

This final step is absolutely crucial to set up a complete positive experience for your wife. Yes, it is the dreaded “pillow talk” time! Women crave emotional connection after intercourse because it makes them feel more bonded with her man. Ironically, most men want to disconnect after intercourse. Although that is what is most natural, the wise man will use this tip every time!

If you found these steps helpful but need more help reach me here to work with you!

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