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One of the most sought after relationship help online is “how to keep the romance alive in a marriage.”  The reason this singled out relationship help is so common is because we commonly fall into the trappings of forgetting.  We forget why we fell in love with our spouse and what makes them so special. This is easy to do when we allow our relationship to be put on the back burner while we deal with every day life―job, kids, house, and the finances.

The answer to this top relationship help online question is to remember. Remember all the wonderful qualities and aspects you fell in love with initially.  A great step to this remembering is to date your spouse. Yes, date your spouse! Treat your partner as you would a new love interest―act interested in what is going on with them, flirt with them, and go out on a date at least once a week.  Focus your attention on enjoying your time together and noticing all the ways that your partner is magnificent.

Looking for relationship help online is great, but once you find it, use it!  Just reading relationship help online is not enough.  You must actually apply it to your relationship for it to work. Take the relationship help online you found here and begin dating your spouse today.  Have fun with it and bring the romance back into your marriage!


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