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Relationship Help For Men


Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.



My male clients often ask me to let them in on the one secret that will help them win the heart of the woman they are pursuing. The fact is that there is not one full-proof secret that will work for every woman. However, there are certain things a man can do to successfully “woo” almost any woman.


Relationship Help For Men


A woman who is interested in you wants you to pursue her. In fact, in order for her to fully fall for you, she needs to know that you want her and are willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

Many men are lost on how to pursue a woman. They ask me, “Should I open her door or not, pull out her chair or let her get it, call her everyday or let time pass in between conversations, pay for everything or let her pay sometimes?” The bottom line is when you are a gentleman and treat a woman like a lady she feels special and is more apt to open up to the possibility of a relationship with you. There are some woman who feel insulted by these actions, as they feel they are capable of doing it all for themselves. In this case, continue with your gentleman manners and let her know you enjoy treating her like a lady.


Relationship Help For Men


When a man maintains his pursuit of a woman, she will feel his intentions are real for her and good. When this happens, she is much more willing to step into a relationship with him.

When a man is inconsistent with his pursuit of a woman, she is much moiré likely to question his intentions for her and look elsewhere.

There is some information out there, which suggests a man should play it cool and keep her guessing in order to hook her. I can tell you emphatically that if she is an emotionally and psychologically normal woman looking for a real relationship, this advice will push her away. On the other hand, if she has commitment issues, daddy issues, or unresolved issues from her childhood or past relationships it will hook her, but the relationship will be dysfunctional.


Relationship Help For Men


When a woman sees a man consistently pursue her overtime, she feels safe to open up her heart to him. A woman who is interested in you, wants you to show her you are serious and not going anywhere. For a woman to invest her heart in you, really let herself go, and fully invest in you; she needs to know you are a safe man to do that with.

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