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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


Most relationships experience some hurdles that will need to be overcome. These tend to fall into the same type of categories such as…


  • Communication Problems
  • Intimacy Problems
  • Lack Of Compatibility
  • Parenting Style Differences
  • Differing Life Goals
  • Feeling Unloved or Appreciated
  • Lack Of Knowledge In How To Have A Relationship With The Opposite Sex


However, those relationships that chose to put God at the center of their relationship have a high rate of success.


Quite a bold statement to make!


However, over the last sixteen years of helping men and women with their relationship, I have consistently found those who have a shared faith, actively pray, and look for the answers to their problems in God, move through their relationship issues much easier.


So, if all relationships are vulnerable to some problems, why do those who have an active faith endure better?


Relationship Help


The top reason is their commitment to their partner and family. They feel that breaking up and/or divorcing is not an option. Due to this, they are more likely to look for solutions to their problems rather than a quick escape route.


Another reason is the moral code they chose to live by. In other words, if they have an intimate relationship with God, then they are more often than not choosing to make morally sound decisions. Therefore, they avoid the traps many other couples fall into such as infidelity.


Finally, these relationships have a foundation based on love and giving versus selfishness and taking. They have a propensity to look to help and support their partner rather than trying to get something from him or her.


Many couples, however, experience times in their relationship when they need some assistance in learning how to talk with one another, parent together, improve their sex life, learn conflict resolution skills, or even how to fall in love again so they can reopen their heart to one another.
If you are experiencing any struggles in your relationship and would like to transform your relationship into a happy, loving, and thriving one please reach out to me here and together we will get you where you want to be!

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