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Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.


Regretting letting her go?  Do you find yourself thinking of her and wishing you could hold her again?  Are you thinking about ways to win her back but are unsure of what the best plan of action would be?


The fact is that relationships break up for many reasons – infidelity, too much fighting, lack of compatibility, miscommunication, misunderstandings, timing, etc. However, sometimes relationships end when they really did not have to.


If you want your woman back there is a way to reunite and start your relationship up again!


Relationship Help For Men Tip #1:


Put The Ball On The Tee!

Even if your break up was not messy, you may be unsure if she will want to hear from you. If this is the case, the first step is putting a little feeler out, which will give you some indication of where she is with you.


You can use a short simple text message or email in order to find out.


Be sure to start with something light and causal like, “Hi Mary I hope you are doing great!”  If she is at all interested in talking with you, she will respond most likely with something in kind.  It may be short and non-feeling so do not be alarmed, as she will be wondering why you are contacting her.


If she does not respond at all, she may be completely over you or she may be very hurt and angry and needs more from you, which brings us to the next step.


Relationship Help For Men Tip #2:


Setup The Shot!

Prepare yourself to take the next step by aligning your mind and heart with what you really want with her. Assuming that it is a reconciliation or at least a trial run back together, be clear on what you would like to achieve here.


If you would like to try again with her put in order all the reasons why this is a good idea. In addition, make a list of all the great things you shared together. Maybe you miss her smile, how smart, beautiful, and giving she is, perhaps you miss the friendship you had together and the ability to share your daily life with her. The important thing here is to actually do this because it sets you up for the next step.


Relationship Help For Men Tip #3:



You are now ready to share with her what you have in mind. Begin by addressing the issues of why your relationship ended and the way it could be different now. Give her all the examples you came up with so this can be accomplished. Then share with her all of the reasons you miss her and want to win her back.


Again, depending on the exact circumstance of the breakup determines the amount of convincing that will need to be done.  Obviously, if you cheated on her that is going to take a whole lot more time to bring her around then if you had a miscommunication that ended things.


Relationship Help For Men Tip #4:


Follow Through!

There is nothing more convincing for a woman than consistent pursuit with follow through. If you really want her and your relationship back then the best thing you can do is pursue her and follow through on what you promised would be different.


If she is completely closed to the idea of you working things out again give it some time, perhaps a few more weeks or so and then try again. If she is still not willing, it will be time to face the reality of the situation and move forward in your life without her.


If she is willing to try again but is cautious to reignite the spark with you, be very patient and move slowly with her. This will help her ease back into the relationship at a pace that feels comfortable and safe for her.


Reuniting with the woman you care for or love can be absolutely amazing. Couples who choose to come back together, especially those able to move past what caused the break up in the first place, usually have a more solid commitment and happier relationship than ever before!





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