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Women come to me all the time asking, “How can I stop fighting with my husband?” This is then usually followed by something like, “He drives me crazy I don’t know what to do!”
Does this sound familiar to you?

First, I want to tell you there is great news for you.You are not alone and solving this problem is very possible! Just by hearing that there is a solution should bring immediate relief to you.


However, if you and your husband are fighting so much that you cannot even imagine this is true, rest assured, it is. I have helped couples for over fifteen years find their way back from a very destructive place to a loving relationship.




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First, I start by helping you understand the real reason you are so angry with your husband. What I mean is that I work with you to uncover the deeper place where the anger started that has created the pattern of fighting in your marriage. In every marriage where there is fighting occurring there is a undiscovered reason why. I can promise you it is not about him not doing enough to help you out around the house! When the real culprit is figured out, fixing it becomes very simple.

Second, I walk you through a healing and letting go process to free you of these negative and toxic emotions that affect you physically, mentally and spiritually. When a woman allows these types of harmful emotions to course through her body and be present in her life, she is not living at her highest self. Instead, she is living in a suffering mode just trying to make it through each day…this is not a way to live nor how marriage is suppose to be.

Finally, I teach you how to properly identify and then express your feelings so your husband can hear and understand what you are telling him. This may sound over simplified but it is not. I hope you heard the key word in that last sentence…”can.”

You see, most of the time the husband wants to understand but is not able because his wife is telling him in a way he cannot comprehend. This is not to say the wife is at fault by any means. However, when she learns how to present what she is thinking and how she is feeling in a way he understands, amazing healing occurs in their relationship.

In other words, when a woman learns the secrets to talking with her husband, she has the keys to a successful marriage in the palm of her hand!


If you would like to learn how to stop fighting with your husband and transform your marriage into a healthy and loving one, I will help you!


Contact me here and we will get started right away!



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