Bree Maresca Kramer M.A. On “Two And A Half Men” Star Charlie Sheen

It appears that the creator of “Two and a Half Men,” Chuck Lorre, reportedly wants to make sure Charlie Sheen never returns to the show again! Ashton Kutcher is slotted to begin filming early August to replace Charlie Sheen’s character who may be driving off a cliff to his death.

Ouch! To have such a drastic and deadly demise of Charlie Sheen’s character shows real signs of revenge.  This goes to show how important relationships are-especially in the work place!

Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre have been fighting it out in the media for some time now.  Their behavior is evidence of their anger and disgust for one another.  But what is under all of this?  Just as in any relationship this anger means one thing…hurt feelings!

We as humans can act in all sorts of inappropriate ways when we are feeling hurt.  Even the best of us can resort to “bad behaviors” when we are hurt by someone we care about or respect.

The solution is never revenge but instead coming to an understanding that there are three sides to every story; the two involved and the actual truth! Each side has their own “reality” of what happened and each is right because in their perception it is what happened.  This is very hard to do when we are insisting on being right. But when we approach it with the goal of under- standing what is really going on, we have the opportunity to get through it, instead of it destroying the relationship.

Who knows if Chuck and Charlie would have approached their hurt feelings this way, “Two and a Half Men” fans would not have to face grieving their beloved character “Charlie.”

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