The Royal Enchanted Couple-William and Kate-Can It Last?

William and Kate are literally a glowing example of a couple in love. They are a sheer joy to watch as their love for one another radiates out for all to see. The way he looks at her with his love-struck “googly” eyes and the way she blushes when he kisser her is pure romance at its very best!

Not only are they living an enchanted fairly tale royal life, they are actually in the enchanted stage also known as the “honeymoon phase” of their marriage. This is the time when couples are swept away in the romance and excitement. They focus on the good in one another and in sharing a blissful life together. Many assume that their love is so special that their marriage will naturally work itself out over time.

Ah, such a sweet time in a marriage! I do not mean to crush anyone’s fairy tale but the honeymoon does come to an end even for the Royal Couple! They, just as all married couples, will have to navigate their way through the normal developmental stages of a marriage. After the honeymoon phase comes the Reality Stage. This is when the “reality” of each person and their differences turn into power struggles. The next stage for many is the Family Stage, when the couple must transition from a “you and me” to an “all of us” dynamic. Many couples during this time unknowingly let the children take over, allowing the intimacy and romance to become something of the past. Finally, there are the Accommodation and Mature Love Stages. This is when the couple finally finds mutual acceptance, respect, and a real deep love for one another.

For those couple who have the tools to successfully find their way through these stages, they are rewarded with a long and happy life together. Lets hope William and Kate are one of those couples!

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