How Faith Can Help A Relationship


“Relationships are so hard and so much work Bree!” is what I hear quite often from frustrated men and women.


However, the fact is that relationships do not have to be a lot of work once you have the right tools and help.


Those couples who know how to effectively communicate, problem solve, and keep their emotional and physical intimacy alive; generally have good relationships. However, those that also share a faith or belief system in which they put God first place in their lives and in their relationship have the best I have ever seen.


Having a shared faith does not necessarily mean each person believes or prays in the same way, however, it does mean their relationship is placed in God’s care.


For instance, those couples I am referring to often pray for understanding, peace, guidance, and grace to keep their relationship strong and healthy.  They see their relationship as an extension of God’s work in the world.


This is not to say that they never face relationship problems and need help.  Rather, they deal with the problem head on with authenticity and seek the right help they need for their relationship immediately. Instead of sweeping things under a rug they realize that their relationship is a priority.


In general, those who have faith tend to have tools that naturally help a relationship. These tools include a desire to be selfless, willingness to compromise, and a desire to do the right thing. These are amazingly successful tools for a relationship.


Is this to say that someone without faith cannot have a successful relationship?


Absolutely not!


However, in my experience those couples who have a strong faith and bring that faith into their relationship have an easier time making their relationship successful.


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