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The biggest complaint I hear from women about the man in their lives is that the man does not listen or understand them.  Now on the other hand, when I talk with the men, they tell me they are listening and trying to understand so they can have a good relationship.


This is where both the men and women need good solid relationship help advice to get through this barrier.


This common relationship problem has its roots in the gender differences in the way men and women communicate.  To make this as easy as possible I will say that women like to talk and men like to get to the point.


Now when we break that down further and learn why this occurs we are onto a road to a happy relationship!


The way each gender communicates is not right or wrong – just different.  Therefore, we each need to understand how the opposite sex communicates. This also pertains to all of our relationships with the opposite sex with our family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Learning how and why men and  women speak the way they do is vital in all relationships.


I always recommend to both men and women struggling with relationship problems to get educated as fast as possible on relationship and communication skills.


There are different ways of doing this, I strongly recommend starting off with the It’s That Simple! relationship help book for men if you are a man and the It’s That Simple! relationship help book for women if you are a woman.


Each book teaches the reader how to understand their partner and how to communicate with them in a way that really works.


For those men or women who having a very difficult time with their partner it may be time to work with a relationship expert professional. I work with men and women individually and as couples across the United States. I am able to do this because I use the phone or Skype for our sessions.


I have been working this way for quite some time now and have found it to be amazing to get people moving quickly through the learning curve and healing process.


This happens because they are able to talk with me from the safety and convenience of their home or office where they feel very comfortable.  The other reason is the way I coach my clients. I use a holistic approach that addresses the person and their relationship completely instead of just treating one symptom or problem. My goal for my clients is for them to learn everything they need to have a great relationship as fast as possible.


Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert, Acclaimed Life & Relationship Coach, & Author of the relationship help books It’s That Simple! for men and women Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.  has been featured on NBC, CBS, The CW,  FOX NEWS, National Radio Programming, The Chicago Tribune, Shape Magazine, In-Touch Magazine, The Nest Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, E-Harmony, AOL, and is a Relationship Expert Columnist for The Huffington Post.

Bree has Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and over fifteen years of clinical experience working with men, women, and couples.

Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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