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The holiday season can be filled with family, friends, laughter, joy, and celebration. However, for many unresolved issues with their partner or family members, added stress, and anxiety are also a real part of this time of year.  Unfortunately, this leads people to adopting an attitude of “getting through it” rather than enjoying it, which can create unnecessary upsets in one’s relationship.


To shift from dread to joy requires one do a few things.


The first is to mentally be aware of current issues that may arise when gathering for the holiday. Understanding these problems exist and will not be fixed over a dinner is very important. Therefore, consciously putting those issues aside for now and instead choose to come from a place of love, kindness, and compassion with your partner and those you are sharing the holiday with. By doing this you are actually opening the door for healing those problems down the road.


Secondly, adopt what I like to call a “team-centered” approach with your partner. Join together as a team to win the game, which is having an enjoyable holiday time. This entails working together rather than allowing the stressors or others to divide and conquer your relationship. Treat one another and your relationship as a precious jewel you are caring for as you walk through the experience together. By doing this you will build a deeper emotional bond, which will bring you closer together.


Finally, look for the joy. This simple concept just happens to be one of the biggest missed during the holidays. The delight in finding the joy in the present moment is what it is really all about. To do this, step back, breath, and count your blessings while you fill your heart with gratitude for all you already have and then experience the joy!



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