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In the aftermath of Hurricane Super Storm Sandy there is a great amount of clean up work that is in store for those it has affected. This will take time, effort, cooperation, and patience to get through. I cannot help but to think how this is the same formula for those couples who have endured great damage to their once stable relationship.

The human spirit is profound and resilient. It overcomes, recovers, and heals when the opposite seems inevitable. This renewing and healing spirit is the backbone of what heals a relationship as well. No matter how bad the storm is or was in your relationship, there is always hope.

I want to share with you that I have worked with couples who screamed at one another at the top of their lungs while telling me they wanted out of the relationship during our session together. They were full of anger, hurt, and pain and did not believe they could ever make it through to see “blue skies” again.  They believed in that moment that there was no amount of relationship help that would work.

The incredible part of my job is getting to guide these couples through a step-by-step healing process to create a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship.

There are no words to describe how rewarding this is…to help bring a couple back from the edge of a breakup or divorce to a place of healing and love.

Because I have personally witnessed this time and again, I can confidently say that the relationship help I teach works wonders!

Yes, there is hope and a way to heal.

If you are lost in your own storm experiencing the devastating blows from all of the hurt and pain, please know there is a way to peace again.

I will help you find your solid ground and build the life and relationship that is right for you.

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