How To Cope When Your Relationship Ends

As we enter a relationship with the best of intentions and desire that it will work out, we are not focused on it ending. Instead we are enjoying how great the other person is and how happy we are feeling.


However, when a relationship falls apart due to a lack of communication, lifestyle differences, or old emotional wounds sabotaging it, there is only one thing to do….heal!


To begin, as a relationship and marriage advocate, I always encourage all those I work with to try everything to heal their relationship first before throwing it away. There is relationship help available through books and professionals who specialize in healing relationships.


If the relationship cannot be saved then allowing the natural grieving process to occur is the next step.


This process is filled with many different emotional states, which are difficult for many to handle. Due to this, people will try to avoid the pain by escaping into other things such as their work, food, alcohol, drugs, another relationship, shopping etc.  Unfortunately, all this really ends up doing is causing more issues and postponing their healing process from occurring.


This may sound counter intuitive but the best relationship help in this situation is to allow oneself to go through the following grieving stages: denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance.


When you allow yourself to go through this, heal and let go, you are able to move on from a whole place rather than a broken place.


Of course getting assistance to get through a break up is always a good thing! You never have to face things alone as there is always help available to you.


If you need some help healing your relationship or getting over it, reach Relationship Expert Bree here.


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