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Dealing with money problems is one of the main culprits in the break down of a relationship. When people are faced with the incredible stress of not having enough money to meet the bills, their whole life is negatively affected.

Everything from their health to relationship takes a hard hit when these stressors are not handled in a healthy manner.

So how can a couple face down money problems and keep their relationship in tact?

It’s Simple…communication, communication, communication!

When a man or a woman bottles up everything they are feeling inside, it is never beneficial to the person or their partner. One must have the courage to share with their partner how they are feeling about the issue at hand.

For instance, sharing this, “Honey, I am feeling so scared and overwhelmed about our finances” opens the door to communication versus exploding in an inappropriate way like, “You are so selfish you are always spending all of our money!”

Effective communication is vital in any healthy relationship. It is literally one of the cornerstones for a lasting relationship.  The problem is that many couples just do not know how to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns with one another. They end up talking to friends and family for help but usually end up with well-meaning but misguided advice.

The best relationship help a couple can get is to learn how to communicate not just about money but about everything. Of course, if a couple is having financial difficulties hiring a professional is usually not a realistic option. So what can they do?

I highly recommend making a very little investment into the It’s That Simple! relationship books for men and women. These books guide a couple through a simple yet powerful step-by-step process to have a healthy and happy relationship. There is an entire chapter just on effective communication that teaches men and women how to speak with one another and resolve their conflicts.

What if you are a reader but your partner is not. No problem! Just as long as one partner is reading the book, positive changes can be made in their relationship.


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