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When your partner has cheated on you the pain can feel insurmountable. The hurt, anger, and betrayal can be so overwhelming that many cannot function in their normal lives for a while.

Although infidelity is a prevalent element in our society, facing it is never easy. When I work with a couple who are dealing with an infidelity, I guide them through an in-depth discovery and healing process in order to save and transform their broken relationship.


Relationship Help With An Infidelity #1:


In order for a relationship to make it through an infidelity, both partners must be willing to do the work. Each must be ready to do this without being forced into it. This must be a mutually voluntarily cooperative process for it to work. If one or both partners are doing this just because they have a sense of obligation to do this, it will not work.


Relationship Help With An Infidelity #2:


Once it is established that each partner is freely participating in the healing journey to repair their relationship, there must be an agreed upon commitment between them. When I work with couples with this issue, this step entails making a verbal and sometimes written commitment to one another and the process for a certain period of time. This allows us enough time to address why the infidelity occurred, heal that particular issue, and then move forward in the healing process.


Relationship Help With An Infidelity #3:


As the couple I am working with moves forward into the repairing and healing part of this work, they must each come to a place of forgiveness.  Each must forgive themselves for their part in the infidelity and then one another for the old resentments and patterns that got them to this place in their relationship. This step is vital in surviving an infidelity for if there is not genuine forgiveness, rebuilding a healthy relationship is near impossible.


Relationship Help With An Infidelity #4:

New Beginning!

This is a wonderfully enjoyable part of this process. This is the time I walk the couple through a “falling in love” process. They will be guided on how to rediscover one another and bring back the emotional and physical intimacy into their relationship. By the time the couple has reached this part of the process with me they are well on their way to creating a whole new happy, healthy, and lasting relationship!


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