Relationship Help For Men: How To Talk To A Woman

Relationship Help For Men


Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Relationship Expert

It may seem a bit redundant or cliché but one of the greatest problems men and women have in their relationship is with communication.

Why does this occur?

Simply because men and women’s brains are wired differently. The way each thinks, processes information, and communicated are different. So how does a couple overcome this obstacle and have a great relationship? Below are some tips to help:


Relationship Help For Men: How To Talk To A Woman Tip #1:

Start With Understanding!

The first step is to change the mindset of believing that your girlfriend or wife should understand you and talk to you in the way you talk with her.

Once a man gets that his woman is not ever going to communicate as he does, half the battle is already won. A man and woman are different, especially when it comes to how they communicate and that needs to be fully understood to overcome it.


Relationship Help For Men: How To Talk To A Woman Tip #2:

Don’t Fake It!

After a short time, most men will tune out of the conversation and pretend to be listening. Although, men have an incredible knack at being able to repeat the last thing that was just said even when they were not really listening, this always causes problems in a relationship.
This is so because the woman translates that into meaning her man does not care about what she has to say or her. Once this happen resentments build and effective communication breaks down completely.


Relationship Help For Men: How To Talk To A Woman Tip #3:

Tune In!

When a man focuses on the message his woman is trying to communicate, real communication builds. In order for a man to do this, he must listen to her words but more importantly what she wants him to hear.
For instance, if she says something like, “Honey, my jeans are not fitting and I am really upset about it” she wants him to understand that she is uncomfortable with her weight gain. Therefore, a great response would be something like, “Sweetheart, are you feeling badly about your body?”
This may seem a bit contrived but it works incredibly!

Relationship Help For Men: How To Talk To A Woman Tip #4:

Be Patient!

Women process their thoughts and feelings by talking it out, therefore, let her talk!

For a man he wants the bottom line and does not want to have to navigate through a lot of words to figure out what she is saying to him. However, when a man understands that she is talking to work through her thoughts and feelings, he will understand how important it is for him to give her space to talk things out.

The It’s That Simple! relationship help book just for men has a whole chapter in it just to teach men how to talk with their woman in a simple and easy to understand way. After you read and apply the information, I promise your communication with your woman will improve unbelievably!

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