Don’t Make This Mistake!

Most women are looking for free relationship help advice to figure out why their relationship is not the way they want it to be.  Free relationship help advice is everywhere!  This can often cause a woman to feel overwhelmed, confused, and lost.  To make the free relationship help advice easier to sort out, let us talk about the biggest mistake a woman can make…not to allow her man to be a man!

In our modern society, women are taught to act independently and aggressively.  Although this works great in the workplace, it is disastrous in an intimate relationship. Read the following free relationship help advice tools to help you stop making this common mistake.

Free relationship help advice tool #1:

When your man becomes stressed, he will want to retreat into his “cave.” This is when many women make the mistake of running after him. To make matters worse they want to make it all better for him and talk about his feelings.  This is definitely something men hate! Men need this time to find a quite space to sort it all out for themselves first.

Free relationship help advice tool #2:

Allowing your man “cave” time will produce positive rewards! As soon as your man figures it all out, he will come back around again. This will be the time he will want to share with you.  The best thing you can do is listen and tell him that you know he can handle whatever it is because you believe in him.

Free relationship help advice tool #3:

Be sure to handle a man’s ego with great care-it is fragile! Telling your man too often all the things he is doing wrong, even if it is minor things like not taking out the trash, will create defeated feelings within him.  Soon he will pull away from you and the relationship because he will feel that he is not able to make you happy.

Free relationship help advice tool #4:

Let him be who he is- a man!  Do not try to mold him into being like a girlfriend!  If your man is like most, he does not want to talk about your feelings for hours or to go shopping with you just for fun.  Prevent this mistake by having real expectations.  This way you will not feel frustration when he acts like a man.

Learning this major mistake women make in relationships will  help to make great changes within your relationship. However, using these free relationship help advice tools will definitely work wonders…but only if you work them!


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