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Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. Presents Free Relationship Help Online Tools

Have you ever found yourself questioning your feelings and turning to your friends for relationship help?  There is a lot of free relationship help online that will tell you this is a good thing. It may not be!

When you turn to your friends for relationship help, you are placing your friends in a position of authority.  Quite frankly, most of our well-meaning friends should not be placed into such a position as they are not qualified to be there.

When we are confused we are not listening to our own inner guidance, leaving ourselves vulnerable to the often misguided opinions of our friends. No one, no matter how close they are to you, knows and understands what is fully going on inside of you more than you!

The best relationship help online you will find is to always look within yourself first! Follow these free relationship help online tools to discover your answers about your relationship.

Relationship help online tool # 1:

Take the time to become quiet, go within yourself and ask  “What am I really feeling about this situation?”

Relationship help online tool # 2:

Honor the feelings you discover and do not brush off or excuse them away.

Relationship help online tool # 3:

Make a decision to follow through based on your inner guidance.

When we trust our instincts, especially in our relationship, we are then privy to the truth. If you are not use to trusting your instincts, this may be uncomfortable, but if you keep going within you will find the answers you are looking for.


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