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Free Relationship Help Tips By Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

4 Free Relationship Help Tools For Women By Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

Are you one of the typical American women worrying about looking perfect and sexy for a man? Do You do nice things for him like cook him a fabulous diner, rub his shoulders, and show up in lingerie after his hard day at work?  Here is a free relationship help tip for you: none of this will bring him closer to you or make him feel more for you.  In fact it’s likely to sooner or later push him away – and more likely sooner because these things are games. Below are free relationship help tools crucial to make your man want you more.

Free relationship help tool #1:

Love and honor yourself. Perhaps you have heard this before and brushed it away as irrelevant but it is vital!

Free relationship help tool #2:

Loving and honoring yourself makes a man respect you. He will find you enthralling and be in a place to fall for you!

Free relationship help tool #3:

Fill your life up with things that create joy and happiness―such as with your work, hobbies, and activities. Then fill up your appearance with what makes you feel good. For example, throw away those old dingy sweat pants and wear something that you feel great in. Your good feelings will shine through which will be extremely attractive to him.

Free relationship help tool #4:

Allow him to pursue you, he needs this and so do you!This is his job as a man because it is how he his brain is wired. It’s is your job to receive his attentions, because this is how your brain is wired.

Use all of these free relationship help tools to make your man want you more!

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