Relationship Expert & Coach Bree Maresca-Kramer: “Worst Dating Mistakes Men Make!”

Relationship Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

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When it comes to dating, well-meaning men end up making costly mistakes! They start off with good intentions and the right attitude but fall short in the end. The men who come to me for help with dating do so because they want to find the right woman and do not understand why they are still “single and dating.”

Relationship Expert & Relationship Coach Bree Shares Men’s Dating Mistakes #1:

The first mistake men make is not exhibiting confidence.

This is one of the biggest turn-offs for a woman. When a man comes across intimidated or unsure he is sending the message, “I am not good enough for you.”  Unfortunately, this is what the woman picks up and finds her exit quickly. True confidence comes from the inside out. When a man feels good about who he is that naturally radiate from him and is so attractive to women.

Relationship Expert & Relationship Coach Bree Shares Men’s Dating Mistakes #2:

Another common mistake happens when a man comes across arrogant or cocky. As much as women are repulsed by a man acting insecurely they are even more disgusted by a man who is conceited. When a man is smug or vain he is shouting to the world, “Look at how great I am and be sure to tell me!” This leaves very little room for a woman or relationship.

Relationship Expert & Relationship Coach Bree Shares Men’s Dating Mistakes #3:

This mistake may seem like common sense but you would be surprised at the number of men who make it! The mistake? They forget to secure the next date at the end of the current date. This can happen because of nerves or he is so excited that it just slips his mind. The important note to remember is that she and he are interested in one another make plans whiles she is in front of you.

Relationship Expert & Relationship Coach Bree Shares Men’s Dating Mistakes #4:

This next mistake happens all the time! It is the reliance on modern technology too early on and too heavily. Yes, I am talking about texting. Texting is great for little quick notes and thoughts when you have already established a relationship. However, in the beginning stage of dating it is a big mistake.

Women feel great when a man they are interested in calls them. It opens them up to the possibility of having a relationship with him. If he primarily texts her, she feels as if he is not that into her or making an effort to get to know her.

So until you have established the relationship use your phone for calls.

Relationship Expert & Relationship Coach Bree Shares Men’s Dating Mistakes #5:

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes a man makes while dating is not taking the lead. Women are very attracted to men who express their masculinity and do it in a chivalrous way. Opening the door, pulling out a chair, picking up the check, and treating her with respect goes a very long way. This does not mean he should be a pushover, it means he is comfortable in the male role and allows the woman to be comfortable in expressing her femininity.

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