Why People Cheat

Good relationship help interprets the feelings people experience when dealing with the unfaithfulness of their partners. These feelings include shock, denial, disillusionment, anger, disgust, nausea and more. Many times we feel a loss of trust in ourselves as well in others. Often times our self-esteem will be tested. It is a devastating experience with many layers of healing which will need to be worked through, preferably with a relationship help expert like Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.. It seems that more and more men and women today are cheating on their partners. So really the question is “Why do people cheat while in relationships?”

Why Men & Women Cheat Relationship Help: Categories For Infidelity

The answers vary. Relationship help can narrow it down into categories which make it more understandable. Generally, a person cheats for one of these reasons: they are looking to get their unmet needs in the relationship fulfilled. They give into tempting situations. They have commitment issues. They have intimacy issues. They themselves have trust issues. They have abandonment issues and in some cases they are sex addicts. Depending upon the relationship and the person doing the cheating, they will usually fall into one or more of these categories. Relationship help is essential for the average person to help them move forward with their lives after an infidelity.

Why Men & Women Cheat Relationship Help: Self Awareness

Begin with yourself. The first decision is whether your partner and the relationship are worth it. If you decide to try to work things out, seeking professional relationship help is a very good idea. Getting past infidelity can be very tricky for most people to do on their own without relationship help. If the cheating comes from needs not being met in the relationship, you must decide if your actions may have contributed to the cheating. This requires a great strength in character as it is much easier for us to blame the other person. However, taking responsibility for any part you had in the situation will help you grow as a person and speed up the healing of the relationship. Finally, whether you chose to stay in the relationship or not, forgiving is absolutely necessary for you to move on with your life in a healthy way. All of these things make it necessary for people to seek professional relationship help if they want to make it through these ordeals.

Why Men & Women Cheat Relationship Help: Forgiveness

The road to forgiveness begins with understanding. This is not to say we accept abusive behaviors and say, “Oh Well, I understand you have a problem.” It simply means we move on with our lives without holding a grudge. Relationship help can bring us through all of this. When we judge and do not forgive, we are holding a sword over our own head. We are not free to live our lives from a place of wholeness and fulfillment. Instead, we are encumbered by the negative thoughts and feelings which forgiveness relieves. Relationship help with Bree allows you to move through all of this. Being betrayed is one of the most difficult things someone will go through. However, with relationship help healing is possible.  Reaching forgiveness and being able to move forward with your life together in the relationship or apart is very possible with good relationship help. It does not need to be a devastating end; it can be the beginning of a deeper, richer, and more profound life with relationship help by Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

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