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Body Language: What You’re Really Saying

Free Relationship Help Advice

Bree Presents Free Relationship Help Advice

Bree Presents Free Relationship Help Advice On Dating & Body Language

Today is a far more complicated, fast-paced, and hectic time for everyone.  However, when it comes to dating and body language-it is simple! Here is some free relationship help advice to help you to decode it.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #1:

Good communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. A majority of that communication is nonverbal or otherwise called body language.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #2:

Eye contact, gestures, posture, facial expressions, and even the tone of our voice are all parts of body language.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #3:

If she is non-stop smiles during a conversation with a man, she is definitely attracted to him.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #4:

If he pays attention and does not look all around the room while the woman is talking to him, he is interested.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #5:

If a woman’s eyes are dilated and she is giving him good eye contact, she is showing interest and attraction.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #6:

If she reaches out to touch his arm or shoulder during her time with him, she is “telling” him she is interested in him.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #7:

When a man places his body so he is face to face with a woman he is interested. On the other hand, if his shoulder is pointing to her face, he is not.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #8:

Tossing or playing with her hair always says she is interested.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #9:

Leaning in or moving closer is a universal sign for both men and women that they are interested.

Free Relationship Help Advice Tip #10:

If he or she is avoiding eye contact, folding their arms, or leaning back they are sending signs of not being interested.

Understanding and reading body language while dating gives you incredible amounts of information.  Using the ten free relationship help advice tips above will surely help make sense of the dating dance.

Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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Flirt Like A Pro!

Relationship Help By Bree

Relationship Help By Bree: 7 Tips On Flirting

Many single men and women are seeking relationship help on how to make dating easier. The best place to begin is knowing how to flirt.  When you flirt with someone, it lets them know you are interested. Many singles, however, do not have a clue as to how to flirt. Below are relationship help flirting tools to help you be the best flirt you can be!

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #1:

Be Confident. When you are not feeling secure within yourself, it shows and can be a real turn-off. Being confident, on the other hand, is extremely attractive and draws attention to you because you are radiating that you are secure with who you are.

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #2:

Have Fun With It.  Lose the nerves and allow yourself to be playful.  This part of dating can be very enjoyable when you let go and are light-hearted about it.

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #3:

Give Compliments.  Most people enjoy receiving a genuine compliment. The greatest ones have an aspect of surprise. This way they will really know you noticed them and are not just using a pick-up line.

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #4:

Use Positive Body Language.  Smile, use good eye-contact, stand or sit a little closer, and keep your body language open and receptive to them.

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #5:

Be Interested. Pay genuine attention and ask pertinent questions like “What do you enjoy doing” to really start to get to them.

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #6:

Don’t Send Mixed Signals. There is nothing more confusing then when you are flirting with someone and they keep looking away.  Sure it might be nerves but it comes across as disinterest-keep the signals clear.

Relationship Help Flirting Tool #7:

Always Be Who You Are.  The worst thing you can do is to try act like someone you are not. Let the real beautiful you shine!

The road of dating can be tricky, start it with these relationship help flirting tools and eliminate some of the unnecessary initial bumps!

Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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Fight Fair!

Need Relationship Help Advice?

For Those That Need Relationship Help Advice By Bree

Tips For Couples Who Need Relationship Help Advice By Bree

In my experience of working with couples, I found that they often need relationship help advice on how to fight fairly with their partner.  There will always be times of disagreements or arguments, it just up to how you fight as to whether or not you stay together.

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Own your part. The quicker you take personal responsibility for your part in the issue, the faster the fight will be resolved.

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Choose to focus on the solution versus the problem.  You will experience less fighting time and more forward movement through the issue. Remember you are on the same team working for the same goal—resolution.

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Seek to understand and not react.  Emotionally reacting to your partner’s words or actions will only lead to further fighting.  Instead hold your reaction in check and gain clarity and understanding first.

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Most of the time you are not angry at what you think you are.  Instead of fighting about a symptom of the problem, address what is really going on.  Therefore, the next time you are tempted to fight about who takes the garbage out, ask yourself, “Is this what I am really angry about?”

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Never attack your partner.  When we attack our partner’s character or resort to name calling we break down healthy communication and damage the relationship.

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Presume your partner’s intentions are good.  Coming from this place will eliminate unnecessary fighting.  The next time you are tempted to assume the worst ask yourself, “Is he or she really out to hurt me on purpose?”

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

Threatening the end your relationship during a fight is a major no-no.  This will only create hurt feelings, tell your partner you are not committed, and damage the trust level within the relationship.

Need Relationship Help Advice Tip

One issue only with a time limit. When we allow a fight to carry on and to include every possible thing that is bothering us we just end up worn out.  This is also when we will tend to say or do something regretful.  Create a boundary to handle only one subject matter within a certain time frame.

We all need relationship help advice now and then but especially on how to fight.  Use these eight relationship help advice tips and experience the positive changes, which create a happier and healthier relationship.

Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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Texting And Relationships

Bree’s Free Relationship Help Online

Bree’s Free Relationship Help Online: Rules of Dating & Texting

Free Relationship Help Online By Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

In this techno age the art of conversation and romance have taken a hard hit. Just because technology has advanced rapidly does not mean that the dating process has as well. Learn the rules for texting and dating before you ruin a good potential relationship.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #1:

After meeting someone you are interested in, texting is a great tool to use. You can follow up with the person immediately to communicate your interest. However, if it is too long or boring, your text could backfire and be a turn-off.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #2:

When you are just starting out, do not over-text. This can be seen as needy and desperate. Texting is a form of communication; go slowly until the relationship naturally grows.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #3:

On a date and texting is a huge no-no as it communicates to your date that they are not that important. This goes for taking an unnecessary call as well.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #4:

Texting can become a bad habit used to avoid a real connection and/or communication. In order to have a real and lasting relationship you must show up physically and emotionally without the use of technology.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #5:

Do not send lewd or overly sexual texts. It can catch the person off guard and also send the wrong message about who you really are. Keep the texts clean until your relationship deepens.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #6:

Do not drunk text as you will definitely regret it when you are sober.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #7:

Do not late night text as it may wake the person up. You never want to be an annoyance or intrusion. Also, most women will see it as a booty call and find it insulting.

Free Relationship Help Online Tip #8:

Do not use texting with a person who says, “I’m not a big ‘texter’ or “I don’t like texting.” This will only annoy them and push them away.

Texting has definitely become part of the new techno way of dating but can end up ending a relationship before it starts. Use the Free Relationship Help Online Tips above and text mostly for playful, flirtatious banter and quick hellos and you will do just great!

You Can Live Without Him!

Free Relationship Help Advice

Bree Offers Women Free Relationship Help Advice

Free Relationship Help Advice for every woman who has been devastated by her man leaving and felt she could never live without him.

Free Relationship Help Advice #1

You Can live without him!  Yes, it will hurt for a while. At first, you may be in the fetal position crying for days, weeks, or even months, but in the end you can and will live without him.

Free Relationship Help Advice #2

Know that if he left, he is not the right one for you. If a man dumps you, bless him for he did you the greatest favor.  As long as you were showing up as your best and he still left, be assured your man is still out there waiting for you. If you were not at your best, this is the time to recognize your wounded areas that need healing and learn how to be a better partner.

Free Relationship Help Advice #3

Allow yourself the gift of the grieving process.  This means that you give yourself time to reflect, heal, and move on.  The wonderful thing about the grieving process is that it is a natural process. As long as you allow it you will move through it and get to the other side, which is becoming a stronger, richer, and deeper woman.

Free Relationship Help Advice #4

Re-build your relationship with yourself.  Often times a woman will lose herself in a relationship.  This is the perfect time to start “dating” yourself! Get to know yourself all over again or maybe for the first time.  Treat yourself well emotionally and physically. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated in a relationship.

Free Relationship Help Advice #5

Open yourself up to new horizons.  In every difficult situation there is an opportunity.  Take this as an opportunity to create a whole new life for yourself.  Fill your life with all those things that you love and truly bring you joy.


Relationship Help Expert Bree Maresca-Kramer provides relationship help books online and free relationship help online.

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