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Client Relationship Management Tools: Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A.

Every business consists of two critical fundamentals. The first is delivering a quality product and or service. The second is the client relationship management. The success of your product and or service rests not just on your deliverables but your client’s overall satisfaction with the relationship you have with them.

Client relationship management boils down to the recognition that the client relationship is the most important asset a company has along with how well you develop and maintain a thriving relationship with your client.
Professionalism, listening skills, availability, responsiveness, reliability, honesty, and integrity all influence your client’s overall level of satisfaction.

Remembering that your interactions are being watched and remembered by your client is a principal element in your client relationship management program. We as humans, all react to positive or negative service as a consumer, so do your clients.

Today, in our global market where most any product or service is offered and available in abundance, exceptional client relationship management is imperative to differentiate your business. Below are three proven tools to employ in your client relationship management program:

Client Relationship Management Tool #1: Be a great listener. All clients want to feel heard. In order to accomplish this, you must take the time to listen to their needs, concerns, and opinions before responding with what you think they need.

Client Relationship Management Tool #2: Create a human-to- human relationship. In this fast-paced world the human connection has often been replaced with automated voice systems, emails, and online help systems. Clients want to feel the human connection with you instead.

Client relationship management tool #3: Always show respect. Too many times, the incredible stress levels felt today can create a lack of common courtesy and respect. Clients are looking for this respect in all of their interactions with you.

Designing, adhering to, and maintaining your client relationship management program is critical in producing positive business results.

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